Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Android apps worth downloading: Issuu update, Poor Hotel, Naught two

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Today's haul of fresh apps kicks off with a newly redesigned Issuu, an app full of publications that lets you search and read all your favorites. In the games department comes Negative Hotel, a strategy game in which you'll add rooms to a increasing hotel in order to defend it from attackers, and Naught 2, a side-scrolling platformer in which you'll require to manipulate gravity in order to progress.

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Issuu update ( Free of charge )

IssuuWhats it about? Browse by means of thousands of publications and view articles in an straightforward to read interface with Issuu.

Whats cool? Issuu is like having a whole newsstand in your Android device. The app is packed full of publications that you can quickly search by means of to discover the types of articles you want to study, which are arranged by category as well as by name. You can then tap in and read what interests you, or search for points like academic articles and catalogues, or make a feed of publications that you get pleasure from. Issuu updates with some 20,000 new publications every day across 30 languages, and you can share your favorite magazines to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The app's most current update brings a new redesign with personalized suggestions and more.

Whos it for? Avid readers searching for a mobile way to consume magazines and other publications ought to check out Issuu.

Whats it like? Do a lot more mobile reading with Flipboard and Google Currents.

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Poor Hotel ($1.99)

Bad HotelWhats it about? Develop and defend a hotel by adding rooms outfitted with weapons and other defenses in Terrible Hotel.

Whats cool? A bit of a tower defense game, Negative Hotel has players functioning to defend a hotel from an onslaught of enemies of all sorts. In order to do that, you'll have to add rooms to your hotel tower, each with a various use for your defense. Some have guns, others present bonuses, and a strategic combination of unique weapons and capabilities is important to defeating the terrible guys bent on tumbling your tower. Negative Hotel also has a quirky storyline and an interesting musical aspect, with each area creating a distinct musical tone to make an on-the-fly soundtrack.

Whos it for? Fans of approach titles will want to test their building and defense prowess in Undesirable Hotel.

Whats it like? Attempt developer Lucky Frame's other game, the quick -paced multiplayer title Gentelmen!.

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Naught two ($.99)

Naught 2Whats it about? Side-scrolling platformer Naught two has players manipulating gravity to move a character by means of a vast underground globe.

Whats cool? Moving by way of the side-scrolling globe of Naught two isn't just about holding down buttons and hopping over obstacles. As an alternative, players have to use either touch or accelerometer handle schemes and manipulate gravity, turning the planet as you move by way of it in order to dodge obstacles and progress forward. Naught two involves a lot more than 30 levels to function play via, as well as a time trial game mode that provides you more methods to play through the game.

Whos it for? If you like side-scrolling platformers with fresh gameplay mechanics, attempt Naught two.

Whats it like? You'll also want to grab the original Naught, and you may uncover some thing related in Vector.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Curb the winter pounds with these indoor-friendly Android exercise apps

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Google Play is complete of fitness apps that track your jogs, hikes and bike rides working with GPS, recommending trails to discover and documenting how far youve gone. But for a lot of, the autumn and winter seasons drive us into hibernation, shortening our daylight hours and covering our jogging trails with inches of snow. Combined with the holiday season of plenty, the winter fats look inevitable. But with the assist of these Android apps, youll in no way be at a loss for indoor workouts, whether or not youre in a health club, on a treadmill or are limited to household things.

RunKeeper ( Absolutely free )

RunKeeper is a quite common app in Google Play, employed by runners to track fitness activities across distance and time. But even devoid of the will need for GPS tracking, this free app can monitor your workouts for treadmill and other cardio gear use. It measures every thing you track in the course of a run, including distance, time, pace, calories and heart price. Hunting to the promise of connected devices, RunKeeper also supports the Polar WearLink heart monitor for pairing, letting you automatically incorporate your heart price with the other true -time information this Android app tracks.

Day-to-day Ab Workout ($.99)

Crunches are something you can do anyplace to preserve your mid-section toned. Working out for a couple of minutes a day, you can turn to the Each day Ab Exercise for exercises geared to fend off belly fat. The app capabilities about 30 ab-sculpting workout routines, curated by a individual trainer. The full version of the Android app has video tutorials and a timer (which you set), and a randomizing function if youd like to switch up the each day routine. Day-to-day Ab Workout is just 1 app in a series of exercise apps from Daniel Miller, which also include apps for every day cardio, arm and glut workouts.

Pocket Yoga ($ 2.99)

Pocket Yoga for Android is a digital yoga instructor in the palm of your hand. Keep your downward dog on pace and on schedule devoid of getting to cart your mat across town. This Android app characteristics 3 diverse practices at 3 different levels, providing three duration possibilities as effectively. Its a fantastic mix and match for regular yoga upkeep, supplying audio and visual instruction guides through every single pose. Theres no video but the illustrations are effortless sufficient to read. Pocket Yoga has an in-app dictionary with descriptions and positive aspects of every pose, and help to play music from your Android library as you work by means of every yoga position.

JEFIT Pro ($ four.99)

Weightlifting is commonly the highlight of any gym rats day, so if youre currently keen on indoor workouts, JEFIT is worth a attempt. Its made for bodybuilding and weight coaching, with a broad exercise and routing database on the internet. You can track your workouts, customize routines and pull up stats for your progress. Theres targeted routines for bulking up, receiving cut and far more common requirements, and each set inside a offered routine can be modified. The full version comes with some added characteristics for auto-tracking, assisting you to stay on top of your reps.

Travel WODs: Travel Workouts ($1.99)

You cant generally take your weights, mats and workout balls with you even though you travel, so Travel WODs is a great companion for those in need to have of some creative muscle toning exercises. You can leverage your own body weight, a sturdy wall and even a nearby table or chair to assist you stay fit, working different muscle tissues with squats, push-ups, planks and much more. Time your self with the in-app timer, tracking your progress on a graph. You can go with the preset program offered by Travel WODs, or do a filtered search to narrow down the workouts that finest suit you.

New Android apps worth downloading: Yidio, Gmail update, Wordspionage

Verify out, since your youngsters deserve the very greatest educational apps!

Our apps worth downloading pull for the day begins off with a excellent one particular for customers of lots of diverse streaming solutions. It really is Yiddio, and it provides you the capacity to search for movies and Tv shows across lots of different solutions, like Netfilx, Hulu, Crackle and more. We've also got however another update to Gmail, bringing customers new skills to send and obtain attachments. Ultimately, Wordspionage provides a new spin to crossword games by allowing you to spy on your opponents tiles, screw up their turns and otherwise sabotage them.

Yidio ( Cost-free )

YidioWhats it about? Search by way of all the video services obtainable on Android devices at the exact same time to find films and Tv shows with Yidio.

Whats cool? Ever want to watch a certain film or show, but struggle to find which streaming service has it readily available ? Yidio can assist you deal with that issue the app lets you search through all the video services offered on Android, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and much more, assisting you discover exactly what you are seeking for and what service you will need to watch it. You can also link your Netflix account to add videos to your queue and view your suggestions, and Yidio lets you set up filters to find the issues you like and save them as presets.

Whos it for? Users with access to lots of distinct streaming services should verify out Yidio's search versatility.

Whats it like? Verify out Crackle and Netflix for additional possible streaming options and movie and Tv show discovery.

Gmail update ( Free )

GmailWhats it about? Access your Gmail account on your Android device and get a slick email experience no matter exactly where you are.

Whats cool? Google's email option continues to get superior and greater on mobile devices. Already the app consists of the potential to access your e mail and apply folders and labels, sign in to numerous accounts, archive mail, and set up label notifications in addition to all the usual email stuff. You also get all the storage presented by Gmail, and Google is consistently placing out updates to improve the app for Android users. The most recent involves the ability to send and download attachments of any sort, the ability to set up trip reminders, and far better performance on low-memory devices.

Whos it for? If you use Gmail on the internet, you surely want to grab Gmail for your phone or tablet.

Whats it like? Some solid email options consist of Yahoo Mail and

Wordspionage ($1.99)

WordspionageWhats it about? Use different weapons and gadgets in to get the upper hand on your opponents in Wordspionage, a crossword board game that lets you mess with your opponents' tiles, multipliers and points.

Whats cool? Wordspionage is a lot like other crossword games you may possibly know on its face. Every single of up to 4 players gets a set of tiles with which to make words on the board, and these words have to construct off other words. You score points based on which letters you use and how you spot them on the board, and can grab multipliers for very good placement to score major points. Wordspionage sets itself apart with a number of espionage-inspired energy ups that let you mess with your opponents like the capacity to spy on their tiles, rearrange multipliers on the board, siphon their points and a lot more.

Whos it for? If you happen to be a fan of multiplayer word games, Wordspionage will give you an alternate take with a lot of new ways to make your close friends crazy.

Whats it like? For a more classic take on crossword games, grab Scrabble and Words With Close friends.